Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 28, 2017 Suction Transport, Heating Conveyor, Heat and Press and Lamination; these tests can be done at Dymco Lab

We wish more and more people come to our lab to watch metal belts and how they work in process.  We can hardly find such occasions, can we?

Also when our guests experience metal belts,  their idea becomes clear and they know what should be done next and how specifications should be.

Below are things you can do in our lab:

1. Suction transport: conveyor c-c 1000mm, belt width 280mm
    Speed 100 meters/min, tests under room temperature

2. Double metal belt heat and press: Upper belt c-c 500mm, Lower belt c-c 1000mm, Belt width 150mm, Speed 3m/min, test temperature 200 degrees C max

3. Heating conveyor: c-c 2920mm, belt width 500mm
    Speed 120 meters/min, test temperature 300 degrees C max

4. Food conveyor: c-c 1420mm, belt width 300mm
    Speed 7 meters/min, test under room temperature

5. Regular conveyor: c-c 600mm,  belt width 80 - 300mm
    Speed 75 meters/min max, test under room temperature

If you are quite far away from us,  we can email video of tests.