Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 10, 2017 Cylindrical Patterning Mold Replica- More in Detail

We know that fine-patterned molds are more often used in thermal imprint, UV imprint, and printed electronics.  And needs on replica molds are also increasing due to high cost of the original fine-patterned molds.

Upon these needs, DYMCO is working on development of replica molds.
The outstanding feature is that we can make cylindrical, seamless replica by the primary and secondary deposition and transfer.

We have tried this dimension.
Replica roll diameter: 120mm
Pattern width: 60mm
凹凸 height in pattern: 20 microns and less
This is reference, so contact us for size required.

Patterns on flat plates can be transferred on cylindrical rolls.
We do the primary and secondary deposition and transfer patterns by our electro-forming technology and finally weld them to make them rolls.

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