Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 24, 2017 Property of Metal Belts

Metal belts have worked as solutions for unprecendented needs.
This is because metal belts own unique features as below:

1) Robust and hard
2) Rigid, not easily deformed nor elongate
3) High responsiveness.  Motor rotations and parts movements are precisely transferred.
4) Clean.  No lubicant is required for driving meal belts.  Dusts and dirt are quite limited.
5) Hygine.  Vacterials do not grow and smell of products are easily washed away.
6) Extremely flat.  Metal belt is a flat rotating stage due to belt engineering and flat metal material.
7) Extremely smooth surface.  Polished surface is also of your choice.
8) Heat resistive.  Available under heat of mor than 300 degrees.
9) Cold resist.  Metal belts rotates in 50 degrees C below zero.
10) Magnetism.  Due to magnetism of metal belts, drive and control by magnet are possible.
11) Resistance against corrosion and chemicals.
12) High precision. Critical tolerance is met.  High speed is possible.

It is sure that one of these features will help you to go to new manufacturing methos.

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