Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 26, 2017 Film Handling: Low Inertia Roll / Video

Inertia Roll is driven by quite limited force.
Why is it possible?

This roll makes use of thin-wall Nickel sleeve on its surface.
When air goes into this roll, by this air thin-wall sleeve floats, which succeeds in limiting loss of rotational resistance mechanically.

Rotational resistance is expressed by inertia moment.
This resistance goes down to one fifties of rolls of the same size.

This is explained by this video.

Roll is heavy without air

Sleeve floats by air and rotates fast

Without air the roll needs several coins for rotation.

By air the sleeve floats and rotates by only one 1 gram coin.

If this roll is used for film conveyance, what happens?
When film goes on this roll, this roll begins to rotate and send this film to the next destination and does not give any other stress on film.

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