Monday, November 2, 2009

Steel Belt and Diamond Band saw

Hi, here is Rhyce again, from Dymco Shanghai. I am going to talk about steel belt and diamond band saw this week.

Of course, the resemblance between steel belt and diamond band saw can easily be prompted up in mind when people heard about the names. From the professional point, steel belt is the main manufacturing material of diamond band saw.

With diamonds firmly attached to metal body-steel belt, diamond bandsaw blades remain the tool of choice for many diamond cutting and machining jobs. Whether you need to cut through silicon, quartz, carbon, ceramic, or composites of glass, Dymco high flex alloy steel belt adds strength and flexibility to band saw blades.

Dymco Shanghai provides almost more than half of the raw materials in China diamond band saw market. Only the highest quality steel belt can survive in the competition. Dymco Shanghai is determined to continue to be the No. 1 supplier, and the sharpest saw in this market.

TITLE: Steel Belt and Diamond Band saw