Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Open Type Stainless Steel Belt

Hi, I am Rhyce from Dymco Shanghai. This week I will turn to a type of steel belt – Open Stainless Steel Belt. As you can see, literally it stands for steel belts that are not endless, with open ends.

Dymco open stainless steel belt is famous for high rigidity and excellence in response to high speed, which will enormously improve the performance of machinery. Our customers find that Dymco open stainless steel belt specifically suitable for driving mechanism design. It will increase the start-up speed thanks to the high rigidity and minimum elongation.

And because it is made very thin, many compact and light types of equipment can take advantage of it. Unlike old school geared timing belts, Dymco open stainless steel belts cause much little loss at the phrase of start-up and halt because of the characteristics of minimum backlash.

In China, we’ve developed a prominent image of Dymco open stainless steel belt in fields, such as film-printing, measure equipment, etc.
Title: Open Type Stainless Steel Belt