Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Steel Belt Sales in China

Hi, I’m Rhyce from Dymco Shanghai. Dymco Ltd. has set up branch office in China from the early beginning of this century. Dymco Shanghai has gained high reputation with superb quality in China steel belt market.

Stainless steel belt can be put into a large variety of uses in food industry, chemistry industry, PV solar industry, etc. Shanghai Dymco has become one of the top manufacturers and solution providers in this realm in China. The world is now experiencing economic crisis, everyone has to should the hardship and challenge in order to strive forward. With the steady economic recovery in China, industries has more requests on the transport and drive systems which turn out to be the main products of Dymco.

Take PV solar industry for the example, steel belts can be used as the band saws for cutting silicon ingots. Dymco has established top one profile in this aspect since China PV industry emerges to challenge the old arrangement. I think Dymco Shanghai can do more in the future.
TITLE: Steel Belt Sales in China