Monday, December 3, 2018

Try Dymco's stainless steel belts!

I am Saotome working for Dymco's sales depertment.

Recently, it is definetly getting colder in Yokohama.
I feel it is in the middle of winter.  
I hope I will get all over the winter with the heater I bought.
Stay warm you guys!

One of my major tasks here is to pack up our products before shipping.
When I try to pack up them, there are a few important things I belive to do.
One of the things is "seeing products with my own eyes before packing".
When it comes to processing stainless steel belts, tiny dirt tends to stick on these belts.
I check with my own eyes if there is any dirt on these.
Aafter that, next step is to wipe it off with alchole spray until the belts goes as shiny as it can be.
My final goal is to make our belts look as beautiful as they couldn't help touching and using the belts.

I am very glad if my job, packing and inspecting carefully the goods one by one, helps to go up the customer satisfaction.

Stainless steel belt has numorous shape, size and etc..
Moreover, the application is very wide depending on the cutomers.

We try to offer items that satisfy our customers demand.
If you have any interest or question and so forth, feel free to contact us.

Finally,  Dymco will exhibit in 9th Highly-functional FILM EXPO at Makuhari Messe.
Our booth is  4 hall  22-36.
We are looking forwards to seeing you there.