Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sep. 28, 2017 Double Steel Belt Press Heating System - Metal Belt Demonstration Conveyor

It is now autumn here in YOKOHAMA.
It is cold in the morning and evening, while it is warm or even hot in the daytime.
I try to keep myself in good conditions not to catch a cold.

Now in Dymco, we receive a number of inquiries on our Double Belt Press Heat System these days.   In this system two stainless steel belts catch work, then heat and press it to change it to a new form.
In these inquiries, work and conditions of pressing and heating vary in each customer.

How can we find solutions for different operating conditions?
Trial is the best.  "Seeing is believing," right?

If you consider our Double Steel Belt Press Heat System, why not doing heat and press tests using your real work?
It is far better than thinking it over on the desk.

One customer came over here with their work and did heating tests in our conveyor.
As a result, we found that it was possible to heat two different kinds of work and stick them together.

We have Double Steel Belt Press Heat System in our lab for your trials.
Please be free to ask questions to us. 
We are very much pleased to challenge your requirements.

Double Steel Belt Press and Heat System