Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sep. 26, 2017 Tests of stainless steel belt by demonstration machines

It became a season that makes Yokohama feel easy to spend all the time and makes me think that it has approached autumn.

We get many inquiries.

There are many people who are considering steel belts for the first time.
What is the advantage of steel belt? What is difference between steel belt and plastic belts or rubber belts?

We think the reasons as bellow,
· Low dust generation, no fraying
· Good flatness of belt surface
· Excellent in heat resistance, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance
· Good hygiene
· Less growth
· Good thermal conductivity. etc.

Applications include a power transmission unit such as robot arm drive, high precision tact drive unit as a conveyor, continuous conveyor, and recently it has been used as a "Suction conveyor",  "Double belt press conveyor" or "Heating conveyor”.

We have many inquiries as equipment like these.

For Suction conveyors, Double belt press conveyors, and Heating conveyors, we are preparing demonstration machines that can conduct simple tests in-house of Dymco.
In addition, we prepare "inquiry sheet" at Dymco and ask the conditions from customers to do design and strength calculation.
Please contact us from inquiry form top page of our website.

In most cases we do such tests free of charge.
We are waiting for your contact.

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