Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Aug. 9, 2017 Fine Patterned NIckel Welded sleeve for the Nano-Imprinting and the Fine Pattern Imprinting.

In the field of the fine patterning process, the patterns of nano or submicron- order are often imprinted to substrates such as plastic films and sheet-type materials. The imprinted patterns give the substrates a certain feature or function. Those processes are done by the roll-to-roll process.

In those process, a pair of rolls is usually adopted; one roll that works as the imprint mold presses the other one. the substrates are pressed between the two rolls.
In the most cases, the patterns are directly engraved on the surface of a solid roll.

However, when it comes to the nano-order pattern where the patterns are ultrafine and complicated, it is hard to form the nano-order patterns directly on the surface of a solid roll.

To solve this, Dymco suggests to apply a manufacturing process of semiconductors.
First method is to attach a fine patterned sheet to the solid roll.  This sheet is electroformed Nickel.
Second methods is to weld several electroformed patterned Nickel plates to make them one endless sleeve.  Then a solid roll is inserted in this sleeve.
The patterned endless sleeve needs to be replaced by new one as it gets damaged (ex;deformation of the shape, the dirt on the surface)
So, the sleeve has to be easily attached and detached from the solid roll.   Additionally, the sleeve is required to fit tight and not to slip on the roll.

Therefore, Dymco designs and offers the solid rolls that fit tight with the sleeves, too.  This way the sleeve is easily detached and attached to the solid roll.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our solid rolls.

Of course, Dymco is a stainless steel belt manufacturer.
But we are also capable of welding Nickel-electroformed patterned plates.
If you are interested in welding Ni-electroformed plates, contact us, too.