Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Aug. 16, 2017 Metal Flexible Roll and Air Roll

There are 3 types of metal flexible rolls:
Air Pressure Type,
Coolant Circulation Type, and
Air Pressure Type with Backup Rubber

These are all Dymco original.
Either of them works with the metal solid roll.
Melted plastic material goes down from T dai and falls between the metal flexible roll and the metal solid roll.
Then, plastic material is pressed by the nipping surface created by this flexible roll.
Due to the flexible roll the nipping surface is created.
If two rolls are both solid metal rolls, they make line touch only, not nipping surface.

Air Pressure Type is made by the outer thin metal sleeve, one shaft and sides.  As air exists between the outer sleeve and a shaft, this roll is very ligh and gives moderate presure on films.

The outer sleeve is Nickel.  We find little defects on its surface and its hardness is higher than the ones in this industry.

Structure of Air Pressure Type Flexible Roll