Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017.01.05 A Happy New Year!

I would like to greet all of our customers and coworkers at this opportunity.

Last year, we have seen a series of unpredictable events like Brexit, the election of US president, a big earthquake in Kyushu island, and disaster caused by abnormal weather in all parts of the country.

When we face the uncertainty of the world, we need bird’s eye view.

This year is the year of Rooster (in twelve zodiac signs), so as the proverb says “Better be the bill of a rooster than the tail of an ox” , I am proud of being a leader of small group.

The Dymco Company is a small corporation, however, we are leading company in steel belt business thanks to our innovative technology of high quality steel belt manufacturing.

Being too proud of current small success is a nonsense. When the business model of Dymco is attractive, the entry of our competitor is inevitable. So catching up to diversified market requirements is essential activity for us. Through executing the development of new belt application with our customer, we would like to establish the relationship of mutual trust.

I wish you a Happy New Year .
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