Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016.12.28 Feel free to give a trial on our steel belt conveyors

In order to satisfy the customers’ requests and inquiries from the research and development field, Dymco is working hard to produce more than a steel belt, we have developed it into various forms of conveyors, and they are provided on the global market.

We usually recommend our customers a trial on our demonstration conveyors in our laboratory, to design a product that satisfies the customers’ demand.
Thankfully, the inquiries for the trial have been rapidly increasing. 68 companies had visited our laboratory for trials in the last fiscal year,ending in July 2016.  And we already welcomed 40 groups.  Though it’s been only 5 months since this fiscal year started, the number of the visitors for trials has reached more than a half of it in last fiscal year.
We expect that the more customers than ever would visit for trials.  We feel that those customers are considering our steel belt as a key to develop the new technology and products in the world’s research and development field.

Through the trial on our conveyors, the customers can see, touch and experiment on the actual conveyors. The results of the trial on the conveyors helps the customers design their own conveyor for a trial.

We have two main conveyors for in our lab.  Both of them are conveyors that provide continuous transportation by making use of unique specialty of the steel belt.
One of them is the suction conveyor.  It is suitable for processing thin functional materials, keeping the substrates flat and protected from wrinkles and strains, the inkjet printing, the image inspections.

The suction conveyor
This conveyor can vacuum the substrates both on top and bottom.

The double steel belt heat press conveyor

The other one is the double steel belt heat press conveyor. This one is suitable for laminating plastic films, forming materials under heat and pressure, transporting the substrate under heat.

A few more different steel belt conveyors are available for the trial. So, feel free to contact us for trials.

We believe the trials and the experiments widely help the customers design the production process of new product.

We always welcome your visit.

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