Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Oil Skimmer Belt - Stainless Steel type - FAQ

We deliver stainless steel belts to an oil skimmer below.
When two drums or pulleys rotate and a belt begins to move clockwise.
When this belt surface comes up from water, it drags floating oil on water surface and rotates around the upper pulley.  Then the scraper takes up oil on belt surface.

Stainless steel belt type oil skimmer
These are answers to ten frequently asked questions on oil skimmer belts.

Q01  The stainless steel belt is covered with oil. The belt slips off an oil skimmer?
A01  Permanent magnet is set inside the upper pulley.  Also we choose magnetic steel grade for this belt.  This is why the belt rotates around the upper pulley all the time.  The lower pulley is heavy enough to keep adequate tension of the belt.

Q02  How come does oil adhere to a metal belt?
A02 More than 2 substances get together by intermolecular force among molecules, atoms or ions.  When oil comes closer to metal, oil is drawn to the metal belt by this intermolecular force.

Q03 In the illustration above, when the belt goes down in water, it drag floating oil until it goes up out of water.  How come does oil stay on a belt in water? 
A03 After a scraper removes oil on belt surface, intermolecular force of oil does not saturate on belt surface.  So floating oil adheres to belt once again stays even in water.

Q04 Tension mechanism is not necessary?
A04 Tension is made by the lower pulley.  Its weight pulleys the belt.

Q05 How high can it be?
A05 So far it is 7 meters max.

Q06 What about heat restiveness?
A06 The oil skimmer resists 80 degrees max.  However, at 80 degrees for instance, recovery rate goes down sharply because oil skimmer parts are not all in good conditions at 80 degrees and floating oil viscosity goes down.

Q07 How much is recovery rate?
A07 It depends on floating oil viscosity.  In general when it goes up, recovery rate goes up and when it goes down, rate becomes less.

Q08 Belt width, How wide can it be?
A08 300mm max.  This is within producible range. 
        More than that, please contact us.

Q09 The lower pulley. It does not come off?
A09 Flanges are for both upper and lower pulleys to prevent running off
        of the belt.  Belt edge of stainless steel belt is rigid. 
        It continues to rotate without frays and snags.

Q10 Is there a step on the welding line?
A10 Butt welding is done our stainless steel belts.  After welding particular process is added to make welding line flat.  When you touch along the welding line, you will not feel any steps.  So  a scraper is not caught on the welding line.