Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Oil Skimmer Belt - Metal Type 2/2

Oil easily adheres to metal.  When we remove it, in general surface acting agent or spirit solvent are required.  Stainless steel belt type oil skimmer makes use of this feature.  Metal belts are intended to collect oil effectively.
Factories of food, automobiles, and metal processing use oil very often.  Waste oil is swept by oil skimmers.  Oil skimmers take up floating oil only.  It, however, cannot collect emulsified oil or oil in water.

 Dymco sells stainless steel belts for oil skimmers, including belts that resist corrosion and that are magnetic and fits pulleys in water.  
We are also capable to make various size of belts, any thickness, any width and any length.

Belt length is obtained by calculation below:

Endless belt length L=

pulley diameter d×π+center distance between 2 pulleys C×2
For example, pulley diameter d=150mm、 center distance C=500mm,
welded belt length L=150π+500×2
For belt thickness, please let us know your pulley diameter.  We will recommend adequate thickness.
Stainless steel type oil skimmers are very simple structure and takes up floating oil vertically.

We made a oil skimmer belt that reached the 3rd floor from the 1st floor.  The total belt length was 15 meters.  Our belts are used in many factories in the world.