Thursday, January 27, 2011

Steel Belt (35) Silicon rubber on the Steel Belt

I am Nagaya, sales responsible of Steel Belt DYMCO. On this time, I will introduce one case of the steel belt for transportation.

Previously I received an inquiry from one customer: " Is it possible to install the work guide at both ends of the steel belt surface? Because the work is a globe shape so it is easy to spilt from the belt."

It is very difficult for the material to paste and apply the work guide to the total length for the steel belt surface as it is made of the stainless steel (metal).

However, silicon rubber was put on both ends of the surface of the steel belt after many Tests and we served it to the customer.

Please refer to the above photograph.

If you have a question “Can you do this with the steel belt?”, please inquire to DYMCO by all means.

Title: Steel Belt (35) Silicon rubber on the Steel Belt