Friday, January 14, 2011

Steel Belt (34) Steel Belt DYMCO: Made of Stainless Steel

I am Sakae of Overseas Business Department. Thank you always for your supports to Steel Belt DYMCO.

Recently I have bought a kitchen knife at the department store in Yokohama. Roughly the kitchen knives are made of the Stainless steel or Steel.

Shop clerk’s recommendation was the Steel kitchen knife. Actually this steel knife has wonderful sharpness, not heavy and also the design was classic and beautiful. But the weak point is easy to rust.

For Stainless Steel knives, it is easy to care because the stainless steel doesn't rust. However, on this time I bought a Steel knife because I was attracted by its wonderful sharpness. I used several times and every time I should wipe it beautifully after use. I will buy the stainless steel kitchen knife next time.

The stainless steel belt doesn't rust either. Moreover, DYMCO stainless steel belts have chemical resistance and heatproof characteristics. DYMCO Stainless Steel Belt is the best for usage under the severe environment. We look forward to receiving your inquiries.

Tittle: Steel Belt (34) Steel Belt DYMCO: Made of Stainless Steel