Friday, September 7, 2018

Maintaining the quality of Our Suction/Vacuum belts

How are you doing?
My name is Morita from Dymco's engineering department .

Dymco recently has been focusing on our suction/vacuum conveyor that has been well recieved by our customers.

Suction/Vacuum belt is the esssential part of Suction/Vacuum conveyor.
For every customer,  we put our best effort into delivering suction belts with stable and high quality.
In order to keep the quality high, we think  very strict quality inspections are necessary when the belt is shipped.

As I mentioned above,  the essential part of  Suciton/Vacuum conveyor is the Suction/Vacuum belts.
In each manufacturing process,  we inspect every factor determines the accuracy of the Suction belts.
Only the belts that passed those inspections are shipped to customers. 

The final inspection is done on the vacuum steel belt in an endless shape.

We will continue to develop products that meet the demand in the world.