Monday, March 19, 2018

Why not upgrade by metal belts and metal belt conveyors? Mar. 19, 2018

In the daily inquiries, we often see customers who try the metal belt for the first time.
So, today I listed the general advantages of metal belts.

1) Low risk of contamination. Unlike plastic belts, metal belts make little dust and fray come out from its surface.
2) The metal belt features very flat and smooth surface.
3) The metal belt is heat resistant, corrosion resistant, and, wear resistant.   
4) The metal belt is sanitary, and suitable for a food conveyor. 
5) Elongation of metal belts is very limited, which contributes the high precision power transmission and transportation.

The applications of the metal belt are power transmission in robot arms, high precision intermittent /continues conveyors.
Recently, we also receive number of inquiries for the process systems developed from metal belt conveyors, such as vacuum conveyors and double belt press conveyors.
For the vacuum conveyors and double belt press conveyors, we have demonstration conveyors in our laboratory. trials and tests are available on these conveyors.
On our new double belt press demonstration conveyor (Double Press No.2), maximum pressure is up to 3000kgf, maximum temperature is up to 250 degrees Celsius on the belt surface, and the belts are 400mm wide.
Additionally, cooling process is available on our Double Press No.2 as well as heating.
The detail of Double Press No.2 will be uploaded on our website soon.

We provide a questionnaire to summarize the of the customers’ requirements.
We can provide design the belt and the strength calculation through the information on the questionnaire.

If you are interested in metal belts, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are open to any requests or questions.
Looking forward to hearing an inquiry from you.