Friday, January 19, 2018

Friction Pad, Enforcing Friction and Grip Jan. 19, 2018

All of our belts are manufercutered on our plant in Hamamatsu-shi Shizuoka.
Most belts are shipped directly from this factory to our customers.

Other products like  ”Super-Thin Friction Pad” , however , are usually shipped from Dymco in Yokohama.

This pad is thin and rough face. 
It is inserted between two connecting parts like the base and the nut.
Due to its rough surface this tie and connetion becomes tight.
Good example is a scalar robot.  
Its arm junction is made up of several parts.
When a friction pad is inserted, connecion of these parts become tight.
Furthermore, size of these parts cannne smaller,
becasue the grip is strengthened, conneion areas become smaller.
This makes the entire robot compact and light.

This friction surface is possible for many parts.
Chuck parts, high-friction roller are another examples.

By the way when we packed these pads, we found a lucky heart.

One of the leading packign material maker in Japan presents the heart-shaped buble wrap at the very rare rate, almost one-ten-thousandth.
The sense of humor  makes me smile and I get more motivated for my work !


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