Friday, October 20, 2017

Wide Applications of the Vacuum Conveyor Oct. 20, 2017

We are working on the sales of the stainless steel belt vacuum conveyor.
The demand for the conveyer has been expanding to wider range of applications.
And the number of inquiries has been increasing.

Especially  great advantage is found in the inkjet digital printer.
Effective on-demand printing is realized with lower cost for small size to B1 paper.

A stainless steel belt in this conveyor has tiny holes on its surface. 
In the vacuum area, the transported object is held flat on the belt by vacuum through these tiny holes. The running speed of the conveyor can go up to 150m/min, keeping flatness of the object.
The exact speed depends on the transported object and other conditions, 

This vacuum conveyor also transports other sheet-type materials like
resin films, metal foils, substrates.
Three-dimensional parts are possible, too, if they have flat surface partially.
In vacuum transport of these material
marking, laminating, laser or camera inspection are also done.
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We have a demonstration machine to test your work and transport.
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