Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2017. Mar. 1st- Life test of metal belts

I want to be strong and tough.  How about you?

When it comes to steel belt, there is a life factor in belt properties.
Japan industrial standards stipulates hardness and tensile strength of each steel grade, but we do not know how long one belt continues to rotate in small pulleys or large pulleys.
So Dymco examines it  in our lab to know for sure how long one belt works.  It takes dyas, so everyday some belt is under life test day and night in our lab.

One stainless steel belt is expected to go beyond bendings of 10 million times.  Belts in a picture below are after 10 million bendings.  We do not find cracks or damages at all.

We continue this life test to get to know for sure life of belts.
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