Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2016.11.30 Awarded: Yokohama intellectual property mirai company

Dymco is honored to announce that we were approved as Yokohama intellectual property mirai company on Nov. 30th.
This is a Yokohama City’s official title for the potential local businesses seeking for the further development through the management of intellectual property.
A company approved with this title can get an official support from Yokohama City. Thankfully, we have been approved for this title for several years straight.

For recent few years, Dymco has concentrated our efforts on expanding our business to the production of processing systems from belt supply.  Through the expansion of our business, we have faced many hurdles, such as the management of intellectual property including patent. But, We decided to work harder than ever, to achieve the further development.
Source of this activity lies in technical demands from customers and  forunners to confront unexperienced needs.

We introduced TRIO, three steel belt-based processing systems to the
 flexible electronics industry.
1. Double steel belts heat and press system
2. Suction conveyor
3. Steel belt takt drive system

And now, we add one more item, a pattterned belt that continuously trascribes its fine patterns on to the incoming material.

Thin metal sleeve with micro pattern on its surface

This way steel belts are leading process for finer electronics circuits, devices and printing electronics. 
Therefore, this might sound exaggerating though, there’s opportunity to develop the new intellectual property. So we are working hard to respond customers’ inquires every day.

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