Friday, September 2, 2016

2016.9.2 Stainless Steel Belt Material for the Double Steel Belts Press and Heat Conveyor

Double steel belt press and heat conveyor heats and presses material at the same time.

These process makes curled material flat, forms thermosetting material, impregnates thermoplastic resin, or transfer sublimable ink - printed images.

Belts need to stand temperature of 250 degrees C, pressure of 2kgf/㎠ and tension at the same time.
Metal belts are the right one, not plastic or rubber belts, in these conditions.  Especially Dymco orders a steel maker spring type of special steel for this application. 
This makes much difference in tensile strength along the welded area.  In general tensile strength of welded areas goes down by 30 to 40% compared with parent material.  However special steel keeps strength of parent material even in welded areas!
Take a look at SUS 304 spring type, the most popular metal belt material.
Tensile strength in parent material is around 1200N/㎟ and just around 750N/㎟  in welded areas!
If you need tough belts, please consult us.