Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Life test of steel belts and metal belts

Dymco is doing belt life examination, for our belts must perform well in various applications such standard conveyors, all stainless steel food conveyors, intermittent drive system, cooling and heating system, or suction / vacuum conveyors.
The picture below is high-speed belt life test unit.
Test belt width is 2 to 50mm and its length is 1000mm max.

Belt speed is 500~1000m/min.
This test goes on every day for 24 hours and data is stored.
We do this test until belts are broken or belts mark theoretical maximum life.  When belts are broken extremely in a short period of time, we examine its cause and improve belts.  This is one of reasons that our belts are getting better in belt life.
Steel belt life, metal belt life test unit