Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Uniform tension in thin film transmission

It looks that everything like electronic parts and devices is becoming thin, light, and flexible.  CRT TV sets, for instance, were big and heavy, but they are getting thinner, employing films in muptiple layers.  

This situation demands speed and higher precision in thin film roll-to-roll transmission.  However, we know challenging issues like uneven tension from an uncoiler to a final coiler, thickness deviation, waves and unstable film positioning due to processing heat, etc.

In the coming Film Tech Japan on April 8 to 10, we suggest stainless steel belt suction system to solve unever tension in thin film transmission.  When the film moves on this conveyor surface, uneven tension in the passt process is totally cancelled and the film is conveyed under uniform tension.
 Suction Transmission of Metal Foil